Changing Directions (And Diapers!)

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Changing Directions (And Diapers!)

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It’s been a while, but we’re glad to be back! Thus far, 2020 has pretty much laid a beatdown on us all, and we’re only halfway through. Plans have changed, our lives have changed, and what we thought we’d be doing or working on at this time has most likely been completely spun on its head. Taking this year in stride has been extremely difficult, and more so for some.

With all that being said, I figured we’d restart our blog with a lighter tone! Unless you live under a shelter-in-place rock that blocks your Wi-fi, you’ll know Darcie and I welcomed little baby Owen to our family on May 23 at 4:45am! Seems the little bugger started out not wanting us to sleep (and has kept that trend going since). After six whole weeks of parenting, the little fella has given us some new perspectives, outlooks, and experiences to share:

Workouts Look Different

The biggest change we’ve had fitness-wise since Owen’s arrival is how we workout. Darcie and I both still do the same types of workouts; squats, presses, metcons, etc. However, it seems EVERY time we get started on our sets of lifting or we’re halfway into a dirty AMRAP, the once sleeping 13lb angel turns. And boy oh boy does he turn! Gone is the cute coos of a sleeping baby to be replaced by the intense screeches of a gremlin demanding full-scale, 100% parental attention. “Oh, you thought you were going to work on some cleans today dad? Well, well, well, jokes on you Pops! I NEED to be ROCKED. NOW!!!” states Owen through his baby talk (also known as high-pitched screaming).

Where once Darcie and I had free reign to warm-up, mobilize, lift, do a metcon, cool down, and stretch, we are now hampered by the demands of a 6-week old tyrant. Sometimes we have to warm up 3-4 times, to do ONE lift! Sometimes, I think the little fart knows I’m getting ready for a big lift. As I get my mind right and visualize what I need to do, I can almost feel Owen start to fidget around in his portable bed (also known as a car seat). Then I approach the bar, start leaning over to get my grip set, pull my butt down into the pulling position and WHAM! The intense cries of Mini-me infiltrate my thoughts. ‘What am I doing? How much weight is this? Why did I think that was a good idea? Is Owen okay over there? I bet Darcie is grabbing him. I’m fine, he’s fine. She’s fine. Oh wait, she’s looking at me while she has a barbell in her hands. I think I need to grab him.’ I forget about the lift I was about to do, walk over to Owen and…..he stops crying. Crap.


Dropping a loaded barbell used to not even cross our minds. Both Darcie and I are so used to it, it’s almost a daily occurrence in the gym. So long to those days! I missed a snatch the other day, on a weight I almost never miss, and had to dump the bar. Normally, before Owen graced us with his presence, this isn’t a big deal. But now….oh boy. Once the bumper plates banged against the floor, our little munchkin’s startle reflex jumped him from a 1 to an 11. Screams pierced the air! The world was on fire! Nothing is right! Immediately our focus on our workout shifted to our little man. Darcie’s gaze peered down into my soul. Almost saying “If you EVER do that again, I’ll…” (we won’t finish that thought!).

Going with the Flow

Obviously we’ve had to make a lot of changes to our schedules and expectations fitness-wise, and there have been some rough days. Mostly, though, we’re the happiest two trainers in the area. Tired? Yes. Happy? You bet! The little guy has helped us learn how to adjust, and with everything that’s gone on this year that’s a skill that’s going to come in handy! Coronavirus, the Shutdowns, and the controversy around CrossFit have had us in a whirlwind…but have you been in the middle of a set of squats and had to stop to change a diaper? Whew!