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Five Reasons To Join Group Training

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Five Reasons To Join Group Training

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Before we get into our 5 Reasons to Join Group Training, let’s briefly go over what it is and why it’s different than typical group fitness classes. Group Training has a Trainer or Coach who is actively involved in the structure and implementation of a fitness program with specific goals in mind. In group fitness classes, the class is generally created by a company in some far off land, so the instructor doesn’t have a say in the format. The Trainer/Coach in group training moves from person to person to ensure proper form is being kept, and works with class members to make sure proper loads (weights) are being used. Group fitness classes are typically run by an instructor who is glued to the front of the class for everyone to see. This unfortunately puts the instructor between a rock and a hard place if they notice a participant somewhere in class moving poorly, as they cannot leave their designated area to correct the faults they are seeing.

With that designation out of the way, let’s move on to our 5 Reasons!

  1. You Get a Trainer at the Fraction of the Cost
    While it’s true that you are splitting the trainer’s time with other class participants, you are also splitting the cost with them too! So even though you won’t be constantly watched by the trainer (some people really enjoy that part of it!), you will have an experienced professional ensuring you are moving properly. Our trainers are quick to help with questions and any problems you might encounter, and are more than willing to give you tips and advice for how to stay on the right track with things outside the gym such as your diet and what to do when traveling.
  1. You Are Kept Accountable
    Let’s face it, working out can be tough. Getting motivated can be near impossible on some days. When you decide to join group training, your trainer/coach pushes you to a place that you oftentimes don’t know you can achieve. When training by yourself you tend to stop yourself short of a great workout because you don’t know how hard to push. Your trainer has experience working with a wide variety of people with all kinds of different fitness backgrounds. He or she will know when you can push a little harder and when it’s time to pull you back a little. Add in the side effect of your classmates texting you when you miss class, and you end up with a great support group of caring people interested in helping you achieve your fitness goals!
  1. Your Workout Is Ready For You
    The days of showing up to the gym and looking around wondering what to do or where to start with all the different machines are long gone when you start group training. There will be no more “Should I do more?” or “What now?” questions. Your trainer will have a warm up, workout, and cool down prepared for you. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out if you’re doing something right or whether to stop, you can just shut off your brain and let your trainer be the judge.
  1. You Get To Meet People With Similar Interests
    Right off the bat you know everyone in your class has something in common with you, you’re in the process of getting fitter! This gives you something to talk about with people from all different walks of life and creates a camaraderie between you. A CEO and a Janitor are on the same playing field in class and can chat each other up about the crazy stuff they did in the gym next to each other. Many times this will lead to a lot more friendships outside the gym as well!
  1. It’s FUN!
    Yes, working out can be hard. In a good environment with great people, though, it becomes more than just a workout. You start to look forward to making it to the gym even when you know you’re in for a tough one. Seeing others work hard, being encouraged by them and your trainer, watching people do things they never thought they could, and hitting some personal goals (not to mention bragging to your friends!) creates fun times!