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How To Finish The Weight Loss Challenge

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How To Finish The Weight Loss Challenge

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We are now four weeks in to our Seven Week Weight Loss Challenge, and the end is in sight! We are ALMOST there! Give yourselves a pat on the back for the hard work you’ve done so far. Weight loss can be a tough road, but you’re walking it!

It’s pretty typical at this point for you to be feeling that things are getting a little monotonous. You’re eating the same foods, heading to the same class at the same time, giving people the same reasons for not indulging in more cheat meals, etc. That initial motivation you had at the beginning seems to be fading away, and you know what? That’s ok. That’s how it goes. Now, determination has to take over. Below are five tips to help you finish this challenge on a high note!

  1. Look up New Recipes
    Eating clean can seem boring, and it is if you don’t learn how to mix things up. Try different spices, eat a different cut of meat, and take a longer walk through the produce section at the grocery store. If you see something interesting, or that you have no idea how to incorporate into a meal, do a quick Google search to look up a new recipe. Yes, you’ll inevitably have something you REALLY don’t like, but you might end up finding a new favorite healthy food too!
  2. Keep Showing Up To No Limit Fitness Studio
    Sometimes a big shift in your diet can make you feel a bit tired, but that should have subsided by now. If you’ve been having too many cheat meals, you probably still feel what is supposed to be initial weariness. Either way, coming in to your training session, CrossFit class, or Bootcamp is only going to aid in weight loss, not hamper it.
  3. Quit With The Excuses
    Did the weigh-in last week not go well? Did traveling interfere with eating healthy? Well, it happens. What you need to do, however, is jump back on your diet and NOT use this as an excuse to keep eating like crap. If you did some damage over the weekend the worst thing you can do is KEEP DOING DAMAGE. Every single one of us has stumbled in the last four weeks, it’s those who forget about it and jump right back in to their plan that will see the best results!
  4. Remind Yourself of Your Goals
    When this all started we went over a few goal setting strategies after the nutrition seminar. If you recall, the most important thing to do when setting goals is to write them down. Hopefully you followed this advice so that you can go back over your initial goal for the challenge. Then you can either reassess the goals you set or (hopefully) see that you’re getting closer and use it to re-motivate yourself!
  5. Check With Your Trainers And Coaches
    This piece of advice comes up a lot, and for good reason. There’s only so much information we can tell you in a blog, and it has to be pretty general. When you check with us in person, we can get more information about what you’ve been eating and then give you more personalized advice from there. We all have different schedules and obstacles to maneuver around, so a little personal attention can help a lot!