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On Competition

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On Competition

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            As the CrossFit Games Open winds down and the weather starts to get nicer (hopefully), competition season starts to heat up in the fitness world. These competitions vary widely from Obstacle Course Races and 5k runs to powerlifting meets and CrossFit competitions. Some competitions are small and quick while others are long and arduous. As we approach competition season, you may start to think about signing up for one and usually there’s a few questions that come along with that.

Here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions I’ve often heard:

Are you ready for a competition?

Yes, but you’re not going to feel like you are. Truth is you’ll never be 100% absolutely, completely, totally ready and that’s fine. No one ever is. However, if you never compete you will never know how you respond mentally and physically to competition and you will never learn how to better prepare for your next one.

I’m not going to win, so what’s the point?

This can be a tough pill to swallow, but unfortunately most of us aren’t athletic freak shows. So the chances of us winning any kind of physical competition, even locally, is pretty low. Then what’s the point of competing if you’re just going to get your ass kicked? First off, you will learn a LOT about yourself. As mentioned above you find out how you respond to competition, you might step your game up or shut down. You could also end up doing way better than you think you will, or (hopefully not) way worse. This will teach you what you need to work on and give you something to compare yourself to. Many times going to a competition re-motivates you to further better yourself, and I’ve almost never seen anyone regret competing afterwards!

Plus, oftentimes the proceeds at local competitions go toward benefiting locals who are in need. So even if you don’t enjoy competing too much you can take solace in the fact that your money is going to someone or something important.

How do I get ready?

Check with your trainer. It depends on what kind of competition you are doing, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this. I will say that the number one thing you can do is keep showing up to classes/training sessions. We can plan out how to get you ready, but if you don’t show up to put the work in there’s no plan in the world that will work.

I’m too old to do a competition, right?

No, you’re not. Get that awful mindset out of here.

Most competitions have age groups and those putting them on understand that there are different expectations/needs of each age group. You’ll be fine.

I’m not sure which one to do/where to start…

This really isn’t a question but I included it anyway because I hear it a lot. That’s where your trainer/coach comes in. We’ve all had experience in competing in different sports/fitness events, so in all likelihood one of us has gone through the process(es) required. Signing up for your first one can be intimidating, which is why we’re happy to help! Hell, if at all possible, we’ll come with you to support/coach you! Remember, at No Limit Fitness Studio we LOVE it when our members do cool shit! We want you to do these things and enjoy yourselves!