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The number one reason people get a gym membership is to lose weight. Others include to get stronger, stay mobile, and maintain overall health. All reasons have one thing in common, people want to see RESULTS. In this blog, we’ll discuss some strategies to see better results, as well as why you may not be seeing the results as fast as you’d like.


You may feel that I’m beating a dead horse with this, but we all need to be reminded over and over that what you eat matters. A LOT. There’s a trap in fitness that many people (myself included) fall into. You feel since you work out you can “let loose” on what you’re eating. You may end up finding yourself adding extra dessert after dinner without even thinking about it.

Ways to combat this:

  1. Think about what you’re eating. If you do so, many times you will realize what you’re about to eat isn’t all that good for you, and makes it easier to say “no” to something that looks good in the moment.
  2. Have food prepared for consumption immediately after working out. When people don’t eat within 45 minutes of working out, they tend to eat more than they need to later.
  3. Find a few easy, healthy meals that you enjoy. If you have 3-4 meals you can have consistently without getting bored of them, you’ll be more consistent on your nutrition.

Remember, you can do the best workouts in the world (and you just might be), but if your diet consists solely of pizza, beer, and twinkies results will be hard to come by! I say it all the time, but that doesn’t make it any less true.


This is the bane of every trainer/coach’s existence. Every member of our gym can see all the workouts we have planned for the day in Wodify. This is normally a good thing, but can be detrimental to your fitness if you use it as a way to decide if you’re going to class or not. There are certain movements and types of workouts scheduled where I know I’m going to see a dip in attendance for the day.

Let’s think about this and unpack it a little. Let’s say my initial goal when joining No Limit Fitness Studio is to lose 20 pounds. I start going to class 4x a week like clockwork, and drop 3-4 pounds. Then I learn about the Wodify app and start checking the workout beforehand. I see on Monday we’re doing squats, but my legs are still sore and my ankle feels a little off. I’ll go on Tuesday instead……but something comes up at work and I have to push class off. Wednesday comes up and, on no! A bunch of running. I HATE running! Not happening today, no sir!

If the above happens, I am now stuffing myself into a box of having to show up Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in order to get one less workout than normal. This, or something similar, happens more often than you’d think when you start cherry-picking workouts. Best thing to do is just show up. If it’s something you really don’t want to do, it’s probably something you need to work on!

Consistency + Effort

Sometimes, it’s tough to work out. For whatever reason suddenly just making it to class is a win, and the level of effort you can put forth isn’t what it normally is. I see it all the time, and go through it myself (let’s just say 2020 has been rough!). It’s important to show up as often as possible, even if you can’t focus as much as usual. The level of effort and focus WILL come back.

It can be extremely beneficial to look back at your goals when this happens. Remind yourself of why you’re doing what you are. It may be time to reassess your goals, maybe you have a new event coming up that you want to get in better shape for.

Personal Training

While our classes are pretty awesome, sometimes you need some 1-on-1 time to get something dialed in. Adding a half-hour personal training session per week to focus on a skill, lift, or to get some extra cardio in will get you results even faster. For example, we just went through a strength cycle. Maybe you set a new PR in your Squat and Shoulder Press, but your Deadlift stayed the same. Having a session or two to focus on improving that weakness can only help!