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The Purpose of The Deadlift - No Limit Fitness Studio | NLFS CrossFit

The Purpose of The Deadlift

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The Purpose of The Deadlift

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Yet another misunderstood lift, deadlifts happen to be one of the most important. If you look up deadlifts on the Internet, you will get a vast array of massive human beings moving incredible amounts of weight…or you will see some of the ugliest, rounded back, nasty form ever revealed to mankind. This unfortunately gives people the impression that you have to be huge and extremely strong to deadlift, deadlifts make you huge, or that deadlifts are dangerous. Luckily for you, No Limit Fitness Studio and NLFS CrossFit is here to give the rhyme and reason for deadlifting!!

1. Deadlifting Strengthens a LOT of Muscle

While being one of the simplest strength training exercises, the deadlift is also one of the most effective. Deadlifts target almost every muscle in the back side of your body, namely the posterior chain (think hamstrings, glutes, and back). This teaches you to use all of these muscles in conjunction with each other, and builds/strengthens muscle very quickly!

2. Deadlifting is VERY Functional

If we break down a deadlift what are we really doing? Picking something up off the floor. That’s it. We do that pretty much every day of our lives. Deadlifting is just adding weight to this every day task to keep those muscles strong and, oddly enough, mobile enough to do this task throughout our lives.

You may know someone who lives in an assisted living facility, or is in a similar situation. What’s the reason for them being there? Typically it’s one or both of these: 1. They have trouble standing up on their own 2. They have trouble picking things up off the floor. The first issue is solved by squats (see our blog on squats), the second is remedied by deadlifts.

3. Deadlifts Increase Sport Performance

Think of a sport, any sport at all. What muscles are used in that sport? It doesn’t matter if it’s a team sport like Football or Basketball, or an individual sport such as Track and Field or Tennis. In EVERY sport, you use your hamstrings, glutes, and back. And not only do you use all that muscle, you constantly use it. So the stronger those muscles are, the better off you are!

4. You Strengthen Your Back

In the good ‘ol US of A, pretty much everyone has back trouble. Why? We sit on our ass all the time. This makes us not engage our glutes, and puts pressure on our lower backs since our posture is messed up while we sit (especially if you tend to lean forward when you sit down). Unfortunately, most people try to remedy this by buying gimmicky products with “Lumbar support” rather than addressing the problem. YOUR BACK IS WEAK, and you need to make it stronger!

5. Deadlifts Release Growth Hormone

This point ties in to the first point made in this blog, but we felt it needed it’s own spot. Deadlifting is one of the best exercises to release growth hormones throughout your body. What this does is help you get stronger EVERYWHERE. So not only will your glutes, hammies, and back benefit from deadlifts, but your whole body will!

By the way, we’re not talking about Human Growth Hormone you can buy from shady Internet stores or suspect “nutrition” specialists. That stuff is trying to mimic what your body produces. Deadlifting releases natural growth hormone produced by YOUR body.

6. Most Importantly (For Some), Deadlifts Make your Ass Look Good

Just like squats, deadlifts do the Booty good! That last part of the deadlift, when the bar is just past the knees, your glutes have to really engage to open your hips. Glutes engaging means your butt is working, literally. When your butt works and grows muscle, it gets that “lift” that many people are trying to achieve. So don’t be shy, throw a couple more pounds on the bar!!!