Things You Will See During The CrossFit Games

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Things You Will See During The CrossFit Games

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This Thursday, August 1st, the CrossFit Games start. A lot has changed this year, but for most of our CrossFitters this will be the first time you either know of or care about the CrossFit Games. Based on what we’ve seen in previous years, there are always a few things that come out of every year:

One of the great things about the Games is that if you’ve done CrossFit for any amount of time you will recognize a lot of the movements that are being done. Once you realize how much more weight the athletes are throwing around and the fact they are still going faster than we would is pretty inspiring stuff.

There are a few things that happen at the Games every year that we have no chance of doing, and for several different reasons. There’s almost always a new piece of equipment from Rogue that no one has ever seen (and the athletes are not allowed to practice with), there are events done inside large stadiums, and workouts that will stop the best in the world dead in their tracks. There also is some gimmicky type of events such as a handstand walk obstacle course and peg board climbs. Fun to watch, but I’m not sure if they should count as much as actual CrossFit workouts.

IF the Games follow similar guidelines to what they have in the past, they will be a fun spectacle. Seeing guys and girls flying around on ropes and rings taller than our gym and making it look easy is fun to watch. There are always some boring events, like a long running or cycling event, but for the most part it’s entertaining!

If you don’t know who Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey are, look them up on the ‘ole YouTube. Fraser has won three years in a row, and by a lot. Tia-Clair Toomey has won the last two years, and it wasn’t close last year. There aren’t any signs of either of them slowing down or getting weaker, so I think it’s safe to say they’re on their way to another championship!

This is an unfortunate and maddening part of the CrossFit Games. It is unfortunate because you NEVER want to see it happen to anyone. No matter if it’s an athlete you like or detest, having someone’s whole year of training end due to injury flat out sucks. These men and women put their entire lives into trying to win this competition!

I say that injuries at the Games are maddening not because they are overly common, but because many people cannot distinguish that the Games are a COMPETITION at the highest level for a LOT of money. The men and women in the Games are vying for placing, and are pushing their bodies to the limit for four days. This is completely different than what we do in the gym day in and day out. If you tell me you felt a twinge in your back when you did a clean, I’d tell you it’s time to stop doing cleans and start stretching or rolling out. At the Games, when an athlete feels a tweak or twinge, it’s time to rub some dirt in it and push past the pain. Again, it’s a competition at the highest level.

Injuries happen in any sport, track athletes pull hamstrings, football players break limbs, Iron man competitors get Rhabdo, basketball players sprain ankles. Injuries are an unfortunate part of any sport, so to think they won’t (or shouldn’t) happen at the CrossFit Games is ridiculous.