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Welcome To Our Blog! - No Limit Fitness Studio | NLFS CrossFit

Welcome To Our Blog!

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Welcome To Our Blog!

No Limit Fitness Studio | NLFS CrossFit

Hello everyone and welcome to the new No Limit Fitness Studio Blog! In this blog we will be providing you with insight and information about what goes on in our gym. Essentially, we are communicating some of the methods behind the madness of our classes, training programs, training styles, and goals we set for our clients and ourselves. We will also be writing some helpful tips to keep you fit through difficult fitness times, such as the Holidays or traveling! Thanks for joining us in this new endeavor!

The Art of Scaling

Our first subject that we are covering is Scaling. If you have been to any of our classes, particularly our CrossFit classes, you may have heard this term pop up. Here we will answer a few questions: What is it? Why do it? Who needs to do it? How is it implemented?

What is Scaling?

Scaling is the term we use for changing a movement, or sometimes an entire workout, to suit each individual’s needs. For example, if you come in to a CrossFit class and there are pull ups in the workout but you have yet to get your chin over the bar, we might use a band to assist you or have you do ring rows instead. This way you are still able to work the same muscles and get a similar result from the workout as everyone else!

Why Do We Scale?

The importance of Scaling cannot be understated. It is the way we make sure everyone gets a good workout in and does so safely. If scaling is not implemented correctly, or in some cases not implemented at all, the purpose of the workout is not achieved.

Who Needs To Scale?

In a word: Everyone. Every single one of our clients has had to scale multiple workouts. It doesn’t matter if they do Personal Training, CrossFit, Bootcamp, HIIT, or any of our other classes. Scaling happens in all of them. You might be surprised to learn that our trainers/coaches have to scale down workouts as well! We all have our weaknesses and are working to improve on them. Sometimes scaling happens simply because you’re sore or something doesn’t feel right.

How Is Scaling Implemented?

If you are doing personal training, your trainer will be picking the correct exercises with the proper amount of load (weight). The trainer will keep in constant communication with you about how the exercise is feeling and will change things if needed.

In our classes, scaling is typically figured out between you and your coach after the workout is explained to everyone. So if a workout has weighted squats in it your coach will tell each person how much they should be doing. When you are newer to the class, it is important to communicate to your coach if you are uncomfortable doing something or if you cannot do it. As we get to know your strengths and weaknesses better, we will know which exercises you struggle with and will have alternatives ready for you!

Thanks for reading everyone! We look forward to bringing you more health and fitness throughout the remainder of 2018 and beyond. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let us know!