Working Out Vs. Training

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Working Out Vs. Training

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If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you may have noticed we refer to what you do at No Limit Fitness Studio as Training rather than Working out. Today, we’ll delve into what the difference is between the two, and why one (training) is more conducive to what you’re looking for than the other (working out).

Working out

Working out is an all-encompassing term for doing physical exercise solely for the purpose of doing physical exercise. It doesn’t matter if you’re lifting weights, running, swimming, etc. For example, if you go to a commercial gym and take a couple of Pump classes you are working out. Those classes are not geared toward any specific goal and cannot be modified to help you reach your goals. You’re just moving along with the instructor. Same can be said if you’re going to the gym with no plan and move from machine to machine without any intent.


Training is a much more direct term. It refers to performing physical exercise with intent and having goals in mind. If you’ve been coming to our Strength and Conditioning or Bootcamp classes, you’ll notice throughout the year that we work on different aspects of fitness in what are called cycles.

To give an example: In January, we go through an endurance cycle. Most people have the goal to lose a few of the pounds they found during Christmas and New Years, and endurance training tends to encourage more fat loss. An endurance cycle fits in perfectly at the beginning of the year. To be clear, we’re not talking about hours upon hours of running or being on an elliptical, but longer conditioning pieces and higher repetitions when lifting.

You may also remember everyone’s favorite week, Deload. The point of deloading is to give your body a rest after having overloaded it for 4-5 weeks. Deloading allows your body to recover and come back stronger than before, which lends itself to the goal we’re striving for. If you’re just working out, you won’t be seeing any deload weeks. Many people who work out with no plan to achieve their goals fall short because they keep slamming their body against a wall over and over. The thought process they’re falling into is “more is better” when really what’s needed is a week of light lifting.

At No Limit Fitness Studio, We Train

For those of you who have been training at No Limit Fitness Studio for more than three or four months, you’ll recognize that we have goals that we share with you at the beginning of each cycle. We want you to know what the intention of the training we’re incorporating is, and the overall goal we’re seeking to accomplish. It’s also why we start and finish our cycles with benchmark Weightlifting or Conditioning pieces, so that we can ensure our training is being implemented properly and you are seeing positive results.

The great thing about our style of training, is that it can be adjusted for you individually in a group setting. We have a couple of clients who absolutely CRUSH anything to do with lengthy conditioning pieces, but can’t quite hit the prescribed weights for our training. Neither of them has the goal of weight loss at this point, so focusing on that isn’t the most beneficial training for them at this point. Instead, we’re going to be slowing them down slightly and focusing more on the strength aspect of the training we have that day. It’s not that doing lengthy conditioning pieces is necessarily a bad thing for these two, but achieving better results and faster is our priority.

In Conclusion

Hopefully this cleared up a lot about the difference between working out and training. We are aiming to achieve goals with training, whether it’s in a group setting, personal training, or in a skill session (which you should look into trying). While working out is not a bad thing, we want to maximize the time we have with you to get you fitter faster.