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By Zach Phillips / July 20, 2020

The Purpose of Deloading

As many of you have already found out, are group training classes are currently in ‘Deload Week’. This is a...

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By Zach Phillips / July 9, 2020

Changing Directions (And Diapers!)

It’s been a while, but we’re glad to be back! Thus far, 2020 has pretty much laid a beatdown on...

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By Zach Phillips / March 5, 2020


As with anything in life, training comes with it’s fair share of frustration. We all have goals in mind with...

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By Zach Phillips / February 20, 2020

The REAL Judgment Free Zone

We just surpassed the time of year where we get lambasted with fitness ads, as typically January is a very...

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By Zach Phillips / February 4, 2020


Consistency. It is the most important factor in seeing results that you want. Recently we offered free goal setting sessions,...

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By Scott Owner / January 19, 2020

Why You Should Ignore Nutrition Documentaries

            Roughly once every two years a new popular nutrition documentary comes out (typically on Netflix) and it shocks a...

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By Scott Owner / December 11, 2019

The Focus on Performance-Based Training

If you’ve spent any amount of time in our classes, you’ve probably noticed that we track certain performances while at...

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By Scott Owner / November 13, 2019

(CrossFit) The Open is Over. Now What?

Over the last five weeks, several of our CrossFitters took on the CrossFit Games Open. This is a test to...

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By Scott Owner / November 5, 2019

(Nutrition) Basal Metabolic rate: Macronutrient Needs. Why are these measures important to you during the Holidays?

Having a reference of dietary intake is important for balancing your awareness with regards to your body’s physical needs versus...

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By Scott Owner / September 25, 2019

Back Pain

Usually in this blog I like to try and keep things light and fun. Every once in a while, I...

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