Deadlifts & Doggos

NEW DATE: Saturday October 24th

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Deadlift Competition Rules

  • The lifter will have three (3) attempts at a maximum effort deadlift
  • The attempt is counted once the lifter makes any upward pulling motion on the bar
  • The lift is counted after the judge gives the command to lower the bar to the floor (NO DROPPING)
  • The lifter will have one (1) minute to make their attempt after their name is called. If the lifter does not make an attempt within that minute, his/her attempt is forfeit
  • No hitching is allowed
  • No lifting straps are allowed
  • Any footwear is allowed, but long socks covering the shin are REQUIRED
  • Belts and wraps are allowed, but these will be considered RAW attempts, thus no equipped lifting (deadlift/squat suits) is permitted

If you have any questions regarding rules (or anything else), please contact Zach via email: