Thanksgiving Fitness BINGO!

NLFS 2018 Holiday Fun


What is a ‘Thanksgiving Fitness BINGO’?

Thanksgiving BINGO is a variation of your typical BINGO game we made up to get everyone up and active during the Thanksgiving Holiday – all while having a little fun.  Lets face it, we all consume way too much turkey, stuffing, and irresistible pumpkin pie on this day each year.  We at No Limit Fitness Studio decided to add a little fun and challenge to the day and start burning off those calories right away!

How do I play?
Download the Bingo Card by clicking here and print it out.  There are two cards here, you only need to play one (CrossFitters and badasses should play two cards!).  When one of the events on the card happen, mark it down.  Once you get a BINGO, you’ve identified your workout for the day.  Perform each of the items in your BINGO – 3 Rounds as fast as you can!


Why should I do this?

Its simple, its fun, and gets you off the couch.  Why wait until Friday (or even New Years) to think about getting in shape again?  Challenge yourself… and maybe even win a prize!

Are there any prizes?

Of course there are!  We’ve just asked you to get off that couch and fight through those turkey sweats… it wouldn’t be right for us to not give away a couple prizes! After you’ve completed your BINGO and exercise, take a picture of your card and you doing the workout and post on your Facebook page.  We’ll randomly pick a winner and be giving out prizes on Saturday November 24th.